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The X Factor Week 8 Preview – The Ladies Still Love Matt Cardle…

528 people responded to our X Factor survey this week reflecting on last week’s performances.

Here’s the overall age weighed change week 7 over over week 67% were female (Paije was eliminated by the judges last week, perhaps people did not feel he was in danger and vote for him. We liked Paije. Good look with your career Mr Richardson.

Key Points;

1) Matt Cardle has consolidated his lead from 45 to 53% (although we lack data from under 18s who may be supporting the youngest group – One Direction.

2) This week’s elimination (especially if a “double where 3 acts are in danger) really could be any act although we might state that Matt and Rebecca’s support bases keep them safe.

3) Paije Richardson was unlucky to have been eliminated last week, judges comments about his “best performance” and so on may have left his fans feeling they didn’t need to vote for him.

What follow are our usual questions, and have not been weighted for age.

If you watched The Show, Who was your favourite act on Saturday?

Which of the following statements best describes your view of Cheryl Cole challenging Wagner over alleged tabloid comments he made about her during the judges comments following his performance? (concerning her coming from a council estate)

Here are some  of the of the comment from the “other” section which really help to explain why Wagner has become this year’s anti-hero;

A Ms Davies writes;

She has had numerous fueds with people, eg Lily Allen whom she called ” a chick with a dick” and not to mention the assault on the toilet attendant so she is no shrinking flower.. To do what she did in public was nothing more than bullying, he is not at the same level as her, so it was a very low thing to do.. She likes to dish it out but cannot handle anyone saying anything about her.. Grow up Cheryl…

An 18-24 yr old Matt Cardle Fan writes;

I think it’s disgusting how she has previously maintained the ‘Don’t believe what you read in the press’ mantra, yet she went 100% against her very own words and verbally attacked Wagner about a it. Total hypocrisy. Also, could she not have resolved the issue in a more mature and professional manner backstage, one on one with Wagner, instead of nastily waiting until show time and make a ridiculous song and dance about it?

Some other comments were more supportive;

I think it was ok to mention it on live tv – she seemed to want it out there straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were but may have been better during the viewers’ questions section of the show. Wagner did say he was unaware he was speaking to a journalist & didn’t seem to say anything derogatory.

That said considering, only about 27% of responders thought Cheryl should have made public comments tis may well have helped Wagner escape the bottom 2 once again.

Which act do you DISLIKE the most?

Wagner is particularly unpopular, followed by by Katie Waissel and Cher Lloyd. That’s a very concentrated “dislike” with no other contestant above 3%.

We constantly hear on the show comments such as “this is a singing competition” so we put in the following question this week;

Do you think the “best singer” should win The X Factor?

In out “other” section, answers focused around likeability, personality and the best “all round entertainer”.

If Wagner not popular, why has he never been in the bottom 2?

We added a (slightly leading) question about Wagner which should explain why;

What’s your view of Wagner?

We added this question late and also opened it up to people outside of our usual panel so the figure do not quite tally with the previous answers. 18.3% of our responders find Wagner entertaining but do not want him to win . 4.7% would like him to win. 11.7% like the idea of him being an anti-hero but almost 60% want him out as soon as possible.  According to ITV’s published results, last year, an act could avoid the bottom 2 with only say 11% so it is clear that these casual voters can keep an act safe.  Although based on last year’s results Wagner may need at least 15% of the vote to be safe if there is a double elimination.

If the final 2 were Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson, who would you prefer to see WIN the X Factor?

If the final 3 were Matt Cardle, Rebecca Ferguson and One Direction who would you prefer to see WIN the X Factor?

Matt Cardle remains the act to beat. Enjoy Rock Week!

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