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The X Factor – Saturday’s results Part II – Weighted Data

We have been busy polling our responder base for their view on Saturday’s performances, the raw un-weighted results of which can be seen here.

It would appear that last night’s performances and subsequent departure of Cher had very little impact on people’s views since the results look very similar to the mid-week update we posted last Thursday. Migration of Cher’s support seems to be broadly spread across the remaining three acts, each benefitting slightly. Similar to our mid-week analysis we have used a weighting for the Under-18s age group of 10% and have reduced the other age group weights pro-rata to account for this.

Who Do YouWant To Win The X Factor On Sunday?

If The Final Two Were Matt And Rebecca, Who Would You Like To See Win The X Factor?

As can be seen from the above, Matt Cardle remains firmly in the driving seat as we head into tonight’s final show.

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