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The X Factor – Saturday’s Results

Here are the unweighted results we’ve collected since the voting lines opened on Saturday;

Who do you want to win The X Factor?

Results were closer between One Direction and Rebecca during the show. Cher Lloyd’s % was higher than this (about 9%) but we’ve now removed choosing her from the survey options. Some of Cher’s former supporters will also have reallocated their support elsewhere.

This is a more useful question (again unweighted)

If the final 3 were are follows? Who would you want to win?

If The Final 2 Were as follows, who would you want to win the X Factor?

We belatedly added the above question for a Matt vs One Direction Final 2.

The results were;

  • 79.7% Matt Cardle
  • 20.3% One Direction

‘These data are raw and unweighted. We will be updating the site with fully weighted data shortly so check back.

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