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The X Factor – Your Early Views on The Weekend’s Live Show, Cheryl Cole and Wagner;

Will Wagner Defy The Judge’s Wishes And Escape The Bottom Two Yet again?

In tonight’s post, we’ve added some additional questions about the exchange between Chery Cole and viewer’s attitude to the contestant Wagner, which may have some bearing on who ends up in the bottom 2 this week;

If you watched The Show, Who was your favourite act on Saturday?

Which of the following statements best describes your view of Cheryl Cole challenging Wagner over alleged tabloid comments he made about her during the judges comments following his performance?

Some of the other comments were anti or pro Cheryl;

“She should know that Press stories are usually no more than trivial gossip. What ever she wanted to say should have been said in private. It was most unprofessional.”

“She shouldn’t of had a go at him, he was being nice.”

“She was very wrong and she is getting more and more spoilt!”

“I think it was ok to mention it on live tv – she seemed to want it out there straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were but may have been better during the viewers’ questions section of the show. Wagner did say he was unaware he was speaking to a journalist & didn’t seem to say anything derogatory.”

“She was out of order to mention it live on TV and should have sorted it out beforehand, in private and if she had to say anything, say it had been sorted. Cheryl has gone right down in my estimation:”

Overall – Who is now your personal favourite among all remaining contenders?

Who is your second favourite contestant?

What’s you view on Wagner?

He’s a controversial character, here are two of your more detailed views we received;

The judges CHOOSE Wagner so he deserves his place in the show – He gives it his all every week (despite Louis giving him songs in the wrong keys!). He seems an genuine nice – if eccentric – man and I don’t begrudge Wagner taking his moment. As he keeps saying, all he wants is an opportunity for a career in show business – X-Factor gave him a stage so they can’t complain if the publlic vote for him! I find him infinately more preferable as a person and more entertaining than Katie who should have gone weeks ago. If Wagner wins, good luck to him, though personally I would prefer Paige, Rebecca or Cher to win myself.

He has had his 15 mins of fame and I think it best if he now stands down before any more of the real performers get voted off. Does he not realize that most people are voting for him so that they can laugh AT him not because he can sing! Can I also suggest that all the idiots on the social network sites who are voting for him in protest of the show should instead donate the cost of their calls to a needy charity.

If the final 2 were Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson, who would you prefer to see WIN the X Factor?

If the final 3 were Matt Cardle, Rebecca Ferguson and One Direction who would you prefer to see WIN the X Factor?

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