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Third of Low-Paid Working Parents Regularly Skip Meals – Survation for the Living Wage Foundation

Over a third of working parents on low incomes have regularly skipped meals due to a lack of money, and almost half have fallen behind on household bills, according to new research conducted by Survation on behalf of the Living Wage Foundation.

The survey, of 1,016 UK parents working full-time and earning less than the real Living Wage, also found:

  • 37% said they had skipped meals regularly for financial reasons
  • 43% said they had fallen behind on household bills
  • 29% said they had fallen behind on their mortgage or rent payments
  • 37% of respondents had topped up their monthly income with a credit card or loan
  • 22% had taken out a payday loan to cover essential purchases
  • 51% had borrowed money from a friend or relative
  • 30% had walked to work as they couldn’t afford the travel fare
  • 55% had to decline a social invitation due to lack of cash

Full tables are available here.

Chris Hopkins

Chris Hopkins

Survation's Senior Project Manager and all-round superstar from 2014-2018. Chris's only experience of failure during this period related to his loyal support of Colchester United and a close affinity with Ricky Gervais' character David Brent in the UK TV version of "The Office". Chris is currently Data Visualisation & Statistics Specialist at House of Commons. Chris graduated in 2013, having studied British Politics and Legislative Studies at The University of Hull School of Politics, Philosophy and International Studies. Course leader, Lord Norton of Louth.

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