UK Jewish Community Expresses Concern About New Israeli Government

Survation conducted a poll of 711 British Jews on behalf of Jewish News, and the results indicate a high level of concern for the new Israeli Government formed at the beginning of the year – headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, notably with the inclusion of far-right figures within his coalition.

The poll, conducted by telephone and online using Survation’s Jewish Panel found that a substantial majority, 76%, said that Israel played either a very or quite important role in their Jewish identity, compared to only 23% who said otherwise. Figures vary by age, for example among older Jewish people. 82% of those aged (55+) said it was very or quite important to their identity, compared with those aged 18-34 where the figure sits at 65%.


When asked whether it is acceptable or not for Jewish people who do not live in Israel to publicly express concern about Israel’s government and policies, 77% believed it is acceptable. Only 17% believed that it’s not acceptable.

The starkest finding from the poll and what divided respondents the most was response to the question of how the inclusion of figures deemed to be “far right” in the new coalition impacted their feelings towards the country. Indeed 52% said their inclusion in the new government impacted their feelings towards Israel, compared with 42% who said it didn’t impact their feelings, 6% said they don’t know.

Despite this level of concern, a majority believe leaders from the Jewish community should meet with the Israeli politicians deemed to be far right, 58%, compared with 26% who believe they should not. The question does pose a dilemma, given that 16% said they Don’t Know – the highest such figure in the poll.

The poll concluded by asking whether respondents felt that Israel cares about the views of Jewish people who do not live in Israel on the subject of its government and policies. 70% said they didn’t feel it cares that much or at all, and only 24% believed otherwise. This was a belief consistent throughout all the age groups, with the net figures for believing it does not care ranging from 72% for those aged 18-34, 71% for those 35-54 to 69% for those aged 55+.

Tom Clifford, Survation Research Team

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Survation conducted an online poll of 711 Jewish adults living in the UK. Fieldwork was conducted between the 3rd and 25th of January. Data tables for all these questions can be viewed here:


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