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Most voters unsure which party offers best policies on housing – Survation for Generation Rent

A poll of 1,014 people on 25th January about housing by Survation on behalf of Generation Rent found that voters were generally undecided on which of the main political parties offered the best policies regarding housing, with 47% saying that they did not know which party offered the best policies for those struggling to buy a home and 50% saying that they did not know which party offered the best policies for those struggling to rent a home.

However, making housing a priority could be a vote winner for the political party willing to be bold, with 38% saying that they would be more likely to vote for a party who made housing one of its top three priorities, compared to 12% who said it would make them less likely to vote for such a party. 50% said it would not affect their vote.

Voters were unconvinced that the government’s housing policy had helped private renters, with 38% disagreeing that it had helped private and was on track to solving the housing crisis, while 27% neither agreed nor disagreed and 22% agreed that the government’s housing policy had helped. 14% said that they did not know.

Respondents did seem to have some experience of a housing crisis, with 57% saying that either they or someone they knew were struggling to rent or buy a home, giving political parties a large group of voters who could still be swayed by policies offering solutions to their housing problems.

Full tables can be found here.

Chris Hopkins

Chris Hopkins

Survation's Senior Project Manager and all-round superstar from 2014-2018. Chris's only experience of failure during this period related to his loyal support of Colchester United and a close affinity with Ricky Gervais' character David Brent in the UK TV version of "The Office". Chris is currently Data Visualisation & Statistics Specialist at House of Commons. Chris graduated in 2013, having studied British Politics and Legislative Studies at The University of Hull School of Politics, Philosophy and International Studies. Course leader, Lord Norton of Louth.

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