Welcome to Survation

Dear Member,

You probably know about Survation just a little through our surveys on say – politics or you may know us very well, as for many years we’ve been covering television and entertainment related subjects since 2006 when we begun our first email polls.

Survation has become a “commercial” market research company. We’ll still be doing the surveys you enjoy doing now, but you’ll also be able to be paid for participating in surveys where there’s a commercial sponsor.

Soon, you’ll be able to see all the surveys you’ve participated in in one personalised place and you’ll be able to see easily what’s interesting to you and share that with your friends if you wish.

We’d also like you to give us feedback on whether you like the changes as we want using Survation to be an enjoyable experience for you all.

We’ll never bother you about survey subjects in which you have no interest and we’ll be able to reward you financially when you help us with optional sponsored surveys.

Initially, what we’d like you to do to prepare for the launch proper is for you to take the brief survey below (if you didn’t already) and we’ll be able to start personalising your website login to you own personal interests.

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