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What Honour Should We Accord Our Leaders? A Nation Divided

On behalf of The Daily Mirror, Survation polled 1000 UK adults on the controversy relating to the mourning preparations for Lady Thatcher.

The results revealed sharp differences in attitudes between those in the South of England versus elsewhere, the question format was a series of statements put to the responder, asking for their level of agreement or disagreement. Full data tables can be viewed here:


 “Margaret Thatcher deserves a ceremonial funeral with full military honours like the Queen Mother and Princess Diana”

All responders: Agree 38% Disagree 40% (Neither 17% DK 5%)
North & Scotland Agree 29% Disagree 51%
Midlands & Wales Agree 34% Disagree 41%
South Agree 45% Disagree 33%


“The Thatcher family, rather than the taxpayer, should pay the bulk of the estimated £10million cost for Margaret Thatcher’s ceremonial funeral”

All responders: Agree 57% Disagree 22% Neither 17% DK 5%
North & Scotland Agree 60% Disagree 19%
Midlands & Wales Agree 59% Disagree 19%
South Agree 53% Disagree 25%


“It is appropriate to spend taxpayer’s money on a ceremonial funeral for Margaret Thatcher at the present time”

All responders: Agree 25% Disagree 54% (Neither 16% DK 6%)
North & Scotland Agree 18% Disagree 62%
Midlands & Wales Agree 21% Disagree 60%
South Agree 30% Disagree 46%


“Margaret Thatcher changed Britain – for the better”

All responders: Agree 39% Disagree 35% (Neither 19% DK 8%)
North & Scotland Agree 32% Disagree 45%
Midlands & Wales Agree 36% Disagree 36%
South Agree 46% Disagree 27%

“David Cameron was right to describe Margaret Thatcher as the greatest British peacetime Prime Minister”
All responders: Agree 40% Disagree 35% Neither 17% DK 7%
North & Scotland Agree 35% Disagree 44%
Midlands & Wales Agree 33% Disagree 36%
South Agree 47% Disagree 29%


Survation interviewed a representative sample of 1000 adults aged 18+ online on 20th-21st March 2013. Data were weighted to the profile of all adults. Survation is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.





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