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X Factor Double Elimination This Evening….Can Wagner Survive?

Thank you to all those who have responded to our email poll regarding tonight’s X Factor double elimination. We received 216 responses between the lines opening yesterday evening and 7pm this evening. The raw, unweighted results are presented below;

If you watched The Show, Who was your favourite act on Saturday?

Overall – Who is now your personal favourite among all remaining contenders?

Who is your second favourite contestant?

They might not be your favourite, but who might you vote for to SAVE to keep them in the competition?

Which act do you DISLIKE the most?

Conclusions for Tonight’s Double Eviction?

We already know that Wagner has a large “protest” or “novelty” support base that is under-represented in our polling base of genuine X Factor fans. Given that Wagner has never been in the bottom two, and that he has beaten both Cher and Katie in the past, we would be very surprised to see him receive the least amount of votes and hence being eliminated first this evening, particularly due to the large amount of support Wagner clearly appears to have on social networks.

The key question is whether Waggy has enough to support to avoid then being in the bottom two after the first elimination? There is little doubt that should he find himself in this position the judges will kick him out. So the question becomes – which three contestants can Waggy beat tonight in order to avoid the chop?

Last night’s X Factor show became chiefly about who would make the semi-finals, during the show the lines were thrown open and Dermot announced there would be a double elimination tonight. It would appear that Katie and Mary are in the biggest danger of elimination. There’s not much between the bottom acts however as Matt takes up a slight majority of all answers. We also believe that Katie has the least “core” support. Our guess would be that Katie is a slight favourite to be eliminated but there’s not much in it. we think that the 10th elimination (least votes) is unlikely to be Wagner, with a decent chance of him escaping the bottom three altogether, which would put him through to the semi-final (cue more controversy)..

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