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X Factor Week 6 Live Show Preview

X Factor Week 6 Live Show Preview– Ahead of tonight’s’s Sixth live show – your reactions to last weeks’s live performances;

There were 371 responses between  Saturday, November 6, 2010 9:32:03 PM and Saturday, November 13, 2010 12:02:53 AM. The below pie chart is the only age weighted chart we are currently providing;

Our Key Takeaways;

1) Over 60% of responders rated Matt Cardle’s performance on Saturday their favourite.

2)  76.5% of responders now rate Matt Cardle their favourite or second favourite.

2) As you’ll see from the data below, it remains tight at the bottom, which sets us up for an exciting elimination on Sunday (format to be announced) although it would seem to take something very special to save Katie Waissel this week, who is consistently at the bottom our our poll and the show’s poll.

5) Wagner is not popular among our group and may be over-rated as a perpetual “survivor”. However we may not be capturing the “protest” vote for Wagner.

Age Weighted Answer To The Question – Who is now your personal favourite among all remaining contenders?

Last week’s age-weighted answer for comparison;

Here is the un-weighted data to the remaining questions;

If you watched The Show, Who was your favourite act on Saturday?

Who is your second favourite contestant?

They might not be your favourite, but who might you vote for to SAVE to keep them in the competition?

Overall – Who is now your personal favourite among all remaining contenders?

If the final 2 were Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson, who would you prefer to see WIN the X Factor?

Please email press@survation.com if you would like to receive or publish our weekly surveys on the X Factor.  And so on to the (unweighted) data;

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