Young people require more help with their career prospects

Survation conducted polling of 2,086 respondents aged 12-18 across the UK on behalf of the BBC between the 18th and 23rd August 2022. 

To align with the BBC’s centenary education project, BBC 100 Share Your Story – which enters schools today across the UK – Survation conducted research to discover young people’s opinions on career advice and their future prospects. 

Although a majority of respondents felt positive (60%) and confident (65%) about their future, 71% of 12-18 year olds would like more advice and support to help them decide on the next steps towards their future career.


This comes at a time when 42% of 12-18 year olds interviewed believe that the careers support they receive from their school has reduced since the Coronavirus pandemic. Considering 79% of respondents believe they should be receiving guidance about their future career from their schools, it is vital that career advice is improved to better support young people. The BBC’s new Share Your Story scheme will be a step towards this; using career panels that will attend schools and highlight the range of career opportunities available both locally and across the UK.



Building on the BBC’s new scheme, 66% of 12-18 year olds would like to know more about their local career options, and 65% want to find out the roles available across the UK. As 38% of respondents said they missed out on work experience placements due to the pandemic, it is important to fill the gaps left from this by giving young people the opportunity to still discover and experience work locally and nationally. 


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The tables for this research can be found here. Survation conducted online and telephone polling of 2,086 12-18 year olds in the UK on behalf of BBC, between 18th and 23rd August 2022.



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